CCF is thankful to have the opportunity to serve alongside you as you plan for your marriage and wedding ceremony.  

Our culture has ever changing definitions of what marriage is and looks like. At CCF we believe that it is God alone who has the ultimate authority to prescribe and describe the marriage relationship (Mark 10:1-12; Matt 19:1-9; Genesis 2). Because we believe God has spoken clearly through His word about this truth, as a church we will only recognize marriages that meet the biblical definition of marriage. This is a covenant relationship between one man and one woman. The pastors and elders of Centerville Christian Fellowship will only participate in weddings and officiate wedding ceremonies that meet this definition. Also, the facilities and property of CCF will only host marriage ceremonies that meet this definition.


The fee structure is as follows. This amount should be paid in one check, made payable to Centerville Christian Fellowship, at the time of scheduling.

  • Total: $700
  • Deposit(refundable): $200
  • Minister: $200
  • Sound technician: $100
  • Janitor: $100
  • Platform transition team: $100 (this fee can be waived if the platform instruments are left in place)

Policies & Scheduling

  1. Fill out a Scheduling Form (No more than a year out and no less than 5 months out)
  2. To use the CCF facility one must be a regular attender of CCF.

  3. There is to be no alcohol on CCF premises.

  4. Marriage events should be completed by 7:00pm Saturday evening so that the worship center can be reset for Sunday worship.  

  5. Weddings and rehearsals may not be scheduled on Easter weekend, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day and week following Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

  6. All guests, decorations and personal items must be cleared from the Worship Center, Bride’s Room and Groom’s Room by 9:00 p.m. or when the last wedding party member leaves the church. While janitorial services are provided, the wedding party is responsible for general clean-up.

  7. All wedding music must be approved by a CCF Pastor. This list should be turned in during the consultation meeting prior to the wedding date.

  8. To use the CCF sound system, a CCF sound technician is required.

  9. While there is a possibility to use the CCF facility without using a CCF pastor/elder, the CCF elders must approve outside ministers officiating at marriage ceremonies at CCF.

  10. Please see the Pastor’s wedding policy for more information about the requirements of CCF pastors.

  11. If you decide on a wedding during the month of December, please keep in mind that the church will have Christmas decorations in place. The decorations could change each year; therefore, actual pieces used during Christmas are not known until December of each year. Christmas decorations are not allowed to be used at other times of the year and will not be moved or taken down for weddings during the month of December.

What's Next?

Once you have requested a date you will be contacted by the CCF staff. A meeting will then be set up with one of the CCF pastors to talk through plans, policies and premarital counseling. 

Every couple must go through an approved premarital counseling course before the wedding ceremony. 

One month prior to your wedding, a CCF staff member will meet with you to discuss final details and needs.  

Please contact with additional questions. 


The staff and elders of CCF want to serve and assist you in times of loss. This includes making our facility available for funerals. If you want to check availability or if you need a pastor from Centerville Christian Fellowship to conduct a memorial service, please contact