Centerville Christian Fellowship (CCF) is humbled by God’s faithfulness that has been made manifest since the founding of the church. He has made Himself known through CCF’s heritage and continues to bless the church for His glory today.

The church was launched in August of 1995 as a church plant by three regional churches. The church’s weekly meetings began in homes and then transferred to a nearby school.

In July of 1999, its current property was purchased. Then in November of 2001, the current building was completed and obtained occupancy.

More recently, in January of 2011, Erik Spohr began his ministry as CCF’s fourth pastor, and a new leadership structure was put into place. This structure utilized a plurality of Elders as leaders and shepherds in the church.

In 2013, CCF’s demographics began to change as a large number of young families and their children began attending and the CCF bylaws were greatly revised and updated.

Presently, God has graciously blessed the preaching of His Word and we are experiencing the fruit of His work in our local church.