Small Groups

There are many ways in which we believe discipleship takes place in and through CCF. Our small groups are one of the means within CCF where we seek to do that. These are not required to be a part of CCF, however, we see them as a valuable part of the healthy growth and discipleship of those within this local church. As our church has grown these groups have become even more significant tools for welcoming one another into the wider church body. They also play an important role in encouraging unity in the middle of a growing body. 

The purpose of our small groups is simple – to help the local body of CCF build relationships, based on our shared unity in Christ, that we pray will result in a greater connection to the larger community of CCF.

Small Groups at CCF follow the normal school year calendar. The Fall semester runs from September through November; and the Spring Semester runs from February through early May. We offer other classes, seminars and training during the "off-season" months as well. 


Small Group Registration is now open. You can sign-up by CLICKING HERE! If a small group does not appear on the sign-up it has already filled up. We will be opening up additional small groups after the fall semester.

If you would like more information about our small groups or would like to be a part of one please contact