Micronesia Team Itinerary

Please be in prayer as Erik, Chris, and David head to Micronesia tomorrow to do seminary and ground work in the greater Yap island region. 

Thursday, June 29

6:45aEST – Flight UA6030 (2:32) departs Cincinnati for Houston (arrives 8:17aCST)

10:00aCST – Flight UA253 (8:18) departs Houston for Honolulu (arrives 1:18pHST)

Friday, June 30

2:15pHST – Flight UA201 (7:40) departs Honolulu for Guam

Saturday, July 1

5:55p Chuuk – Arrive in Guam

8:30p – Flight UA185 (1:35) departs Guam for YAP (arrives 10:05p)

Sunday, July 2

Lord’s Day worship and time with the Fergusons.

Monday, July 3


2:00p – 8:30p – Seminary

Tuesday, July 4


2:00p – 8:30p – Seminary

Wednesday, July 5


2:00p – 8:30p - Seminary

Thursday, July 6

AM - Erik to lead devotions for PMA Pilots & mechanics.

2:00p – 8:30p - Seminary

Friday, July 7

AM – “Make-up teaching”

PM – “Make-up teaching” // WW2 Sight-seeing

Saturday, July 8

AM – Devotional on the topic of forgiveness for local island women

PM – Local island ministry

Sunday, July 9

Worship (sermon to follow the theme of VBS)

Monday, July 10

Fly to Ulithi Island for ministry all day. Return flight in the evening.

Tuesday, July 11

Local village ministry

PM – Packing, travel to the airport

1:55a (Wed) – Flight UA186 (1:27) departs YAP for Guam (arrives 3:22a Wed.)

6:35a (Wed) – Flight UA200 (7:20) departs Guam for Honolulu (arrives Tue 5:55pHST)

8:20pHST – Flight UA383 (6:35) departs Honolulu for Denver

Wednesday, July 12

6:55aMST – Flight UA383 arrives in Denver

9:59aMST – Flight UA5178 (2:50) departs Denver for Cincinnati (arrives 2:49pEST)