Honduras Team Itinerary

Saturday:              Arrival into San Pedro Sula

                                    Lunch in San Pedro Sula at Power Chicken

                                    Travel to Canchias to lodge the first night.

                                    Dinner at Canchias.

                                    Team Orientation


Sunday:                  Breakfast at Canchias; Hike Ambassador Mountain and hear the story of HtH

                                    Pack up and move to the Camp at Santa Elena

                                    Lunch at Santa Elena

                                    Visit El Achiotal; catch up with Pastor Melvin and the community

                                    Church service in El Achiotal – time TBD

                                    Dinner at Camp.


Monday:                Breakfast at Camp

                                    Start the House project (spend whole day on the house)

                                    Lunch (packed sandwiches)

                                    Dinner at Camp.


Tuesday:               Breakfast at Camp

                                    House project continues – morning

                                    Healthcare assessment and fact-finding in El Achiotal – afternoon

                                    Lunch (packed sandwiches)

                  Dinner at Camp

                  Church service?


Wednesday:        Breakfast at Camp

Finish the House.

                                    Lunch (packed sandwiches)

                                    Healthcare assessment and fact-finding continues

                                    Dinner at Camp.


Thursday:            Breakfast at Camp.

                                    AM: Shop for housewarming gifts. House Dedication Ceremony.

                                    Lunch at Camp

Visit Kaleb & Stacey Eldridge in Las Lomitas; learn about their life and work there; learn about Asset-based Community Development

                                    Dinner at Camp


Friday:                   Breakfast at Camp.

                                    Excursion to Puhlapanzak Park and Falls; zip-lining, swimming, etc

                                    Lunch at a restaurant along the way

                                    Travel to San Pedro Sula in the afternoon

                                    Visit El Guamalito Market in SPS for souvenirs

                                    Lodge at Casa el Meson (or hotel)


Saturday:              Fly back to the States