WIRED (6th-12th Grade)

Our youth group is passionate about having fun, growing deeper in our faith, reaching out, and serving God. The Bible is our GPS as we tear down the highway of life, stopping to pick up as many friends as we can. Our goal is not only to know about a man named Jesus, but to have a deep relationship with him. We spend time reading his words, challenging each other’s perspectives, and putting into action what we learn. Our teenagers beliefs are challenged every day as they encounter peers that hold different views. We want to prepare our youth to defend their faith when compared to other religions such as Mormonism, Islam, and Wicca. We search scripture to discover what God has to say about them and put to the test the things they believe. When we read God’s word, we be sharpen our own sword and discover ways to stand up for our beliefs when challenged by others. Join us each Sunday night for snacks, games, friends, and an opportunity to create a relationship with the God of all creation! See you there!