CCF Internships

The Internship program at Centerville Christian Fellowship seeks to provide an environment whereby ministers might grow their respective ministry areas whether that be PREACHING & VISION, CHILDREN & FAMILY, STUDENT, or WORSHIP.  We attempt to meet this goal by utilizing each Interns ministry gifts by plunging them headlong into practical and theological training.  We want to unveil regular, day-to-day ministerial life and provide men and women aspiring to minister with an ecclesiological and pastoral grid for doing the work of ministry. 

Since we believe effective ministers are much more than single-faceted specialists, experts only in a narrow field of ministry, this program is designed to provide a base of “common experience” in ministry generalities in addition to its more focused approach in a specific ministry area.  In this way, interns in all areas of ministry, will learn and grow together as they experience broad ministry philosophies as well as particular specificities.  In other words: In addition to direct involvement in “specialized ministry” areas, our internship focuses on answering: How should the church be organized? Who should lead the church? How does church polity affect the functionality of the local church? 

In addition to observing church life today, CCF interns will spend much of their time engaging in conversation with great pastors and theologians from the past. Through these conversations and their interaction with our church’s life, interns will discover that we believe God’s church is the main transmitter of the gospel.  Not only that, they will consider what it means to build a church, not according to the latest cultural waves or "whatever works," but according to all that the Bible says about our life together as the local church. 

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