Discipleship Seminar

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Every January (between the Fall and Spring Small Group sessions) and August (between the Spring and Fall Small Group sessions) we offer special equipping classes. These classes (typically 2-3 weeks in duration) provide helpful equipping for men and women to grow in their faith and be more well prepared to make disciples. These classes cover different topics each semester.

The Discipleship Seminar this August will be a 2-part class where we will be involved in equipping one another for the work of discipleship. The class dates are August 13th and 20th. You can sign up for the Discipleship Seminar by CLICKING HERE! This semester we will be covering the topic of “Counseling One Another”. We will be equipped to care for and counsel those that God has placed in our homes, churches and communities. For more information about the Discipleship Seminar please contact nick.rundlett@centervillechristian.org

Parenting Seminar


There will also be a Parenting Seminar available during these Tuesday nights (August 13th & 20th). The theme this year is "The Storm Tossed Family" by Russell Moore. We are going to think about the biblical purpose for the family and how can we understand our roles in parenting our children in the storms of life. You can sign-up for the Parenting Seminar by CLICKING HERE! For more information about the Parenting Seminar please contact Nick Rodgers at nick@centervillechristian.org

Intentional Discipleship

We are never meant to be "lone rangers" as Christ-followers. We are headed toward disaster when we choose to do so.  In intentional discipling relationships, two or three Christians of the same sex meet to study scripture or a helpful book, hold one another accountable, memorize scripture and pray. Although these are recommended practices as you meet, these relationships tend to materialize and operate in different ways.

Intentional discipling often flows out of the relationships being built within the local church. We encourage you to seek these types of relationships out, both as the one helping to disciple and the one being discipled. This is so important in our growth as followers of Christ. We are both needy and needed.

For ideas, suggestions and different options for what Intentional Discipleship Groups might look like, CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions about this or don't know where exactly to get started please contact nick.rundlett@centervillechristian.org

Discipleship Resources

CLICK HERE for suggested resources for use in personal or group discipleship.