We exist to Glorify God by making Disciples, who Worship with authenticity, Grow in Christlikeness, and Serve sacrificially

Gospel Motivated
The gospel is the “good news of great joy” (Luke 2:8-11) that the God who created all things, sent His Son into our world, to live a perfect life, to remove the wrath of God, and to save men and women from sin. This work makes a way for fallen humanity to experience a real, vibrant relationship with God and a life restored by the power of God’s Spirit. Everything we do is connected to the gospel. We are concerned about people’s salvation from sin, restoration with God the Father, and their physical, emotional, and relational restoration.

Bible Centered
The clearest and most significant way God has revealed Himself to us is through His word, the Bible. It is the very word of God and in it we find the way to salvation as He reveals His redemptive and restorative plan, and true reality. His word changes lives, brings hope, provides guidance and gives us a foundation to stand on when the storms of life come.

Prayer Saturated
Communicating with God is effective, powerful and is an essential aspect in all that we do. We desire to be a body of believers glorifying God by being empowered through prayer.

Spirit Empowered
God not only saves and restores; but an amazing privilege of being a believer the indwelling presence of God, through His Holy Spirit. As we worship, learn, serve and live the Christian life, we seek to walk in the power of the Spirit of God, as revealed through the word of God. 

Community Involved
The church is the place to experience God’s grace, use our gifts for Him and receive the joy and fulfillment of being a part of His great family (Hebrews 10:25). 

World Conscious
We have the greatest message in the world and we long to see its restorative power work in the lives of those who do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We are daily living ambassadors of Jesus Christ in our homes and workplaces and we are moved to action by the hurts, needs and suffering in our world as we desire to be the salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) in our world.