We are incredibly thankful for all of the college students God has brought to CCF! We think it is vital for college students to plug into the local church during their time at school. As a church we believe that we exist to GLORIFY GOD by making disciples who WORSHIP with authenticity, GROW in christ, and SERVE sacrificially. This aim doesn't change with our college students. We want to see our college students making disciples and being discipled. We want to see our college students worship the Lord whole heartedly. We want to see our college students grow in Christlikeness and in their knowledge of Christ. We want to see our college students serving in the local body sacrificially. To that end, here are some ways for our college students to get plugged in at CCF in addition to Sunday morning worship:


We are never meant to be "lone rangers" as Christ-followers. We are headed toward disaster when we choose to do so.  In one-on-one discipling relationships, two Christians of the same sex meet to study scripture or a helpful book, hold one another accountable, memorize scripture and pray. Although these are recommended practices as you meet, these relationships tend to materialize and operate in different ways.

One-on-one discipling often flows out of the relationships being built within the local church. We encourage you to seek these types of relationships out, both as the one helping to disciple and the one being discipled. This is so important in our growth as followers of Christ. We are both needy and needed. If you have any questions about this or don't know where exactly to get started please contact

Small Groups

The purpose of our small groups is simple – to help the local body of CCF build relationships, based on our shared unity in Christ, that we pray will result in a greater connection to the larger community of CCF.

Small Groups at CCF follow the normal school year calendar. The Fall semester runs from September through November; and the Spring Semester runs from February through early May. We offer other classes and training during the "off-season" months as well. 

You can sign up here:

Social Suppers

We will be offering monthly “Social Suppers” where each of you can sign-up (individually or in groups) for a home-cooked lunch or dinner in the home of a CCF family (along with other CCF’ers of all ages). Our goal is to connect each of you with other members of the CCF family of various ages and places in life. These meals will provide an opportunity to get to know others in the church, to eat, hang-out, play games, talk, and even watch football. Our prayer is that these times together will bond our church together and be a lot of fun. 

You can sign up here:


We want our CCF family to serve one another. There are many "one another" commands in scripture and we believe the local church is of utmost importance in carrying out those "one anothers." We want everyone in our congregation to use the gifts God has given them to encourage, spur on, help, support, edify, and strengthen the other members of this church family. One way to get plugged in and to begin serving somewhere is by filling out this form:

This will help us get you in contact with various ministry leaders so you can plug in and begin to serve.

Missions & Outreach

You can check out local and international missions opportunities by going to our missions page here:


You can get more info by emailing Chris at